why do famous people think that they can only date other famous people like youre limiting your chance to find your soulmate

for example: me

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Things I Should Be Doing

  • so many

Things I Am Not Currently Doing

  • any of that

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My friends

are literally the best supportive people ive ever met, I love them so much like seriously idk how to express it lol. I feel so lucky and loved, yas.

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Boy Meets World - my favorite love quote of all time.
  • Shawn: You know, he used to tell me how wonderful you were, but guys always say great things about their girlfriends until they break up. That's when the truth comes out. You know, I've waited 15 years to find out what he really thinks about you. Do you wanna know what he thinks about you now that you've broken up?
  • Topanga: No. Shawn, I don't wanna talk about him.
  • Shawn: Now that you've broken up, he still tells me how wonderful you are.
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